Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mistress Brigid's Tea Party--NaPo Poem, April 3

Mistress Brigid’s Tea Party
She sits as a pink cloud upon the carpet,
princess tulle and organza spilling
cirrocumulus across the floor.

Her hands are pale petals,
aloft for a moment then settling onto
diminutive teacups, over every saucer—
mini marshmallows as sugar,
animal crackers as cake.

A faux satin gown, her sequined tiara,
each guest—Buster Bear, Wonky Rabbit,
Bitsy Baby Anne-- is royally greeted,
offered liberal libations of the imaginary kind.

The teapot (florid pink and plum,
of course) nestles as a centerpiece
in this most fanciful affair, the discourse,
though lop-sided, runs genial—“Do you need
a ‘poon, Mister Rabbit? Uh-oh!
More crwackers, Baby Anne?”

Such a mystical concordance must be viewed
from the margins, to move into its center
would dispel all the charm. She touches
enchantment where corduroy rabbits
transform into kings, where overstuffed bears
are a realm’s valiant lords.

We adults would be the worst interlopers,
this world she now visits long-removed
from our own.


  1. Missy B has her own poem! Does she know? I love the view from the margins.

    1. I love Buster Bear, Wonky Rabbit, and Bitsy Baby Anne. One slightly uncomfy criticism (sorry, I also feel weird noticing and not saying anything): "poon" is inappropriate slang where I'm from. But overall, it's a great portrait: young Mistress Bridgid presiding over the tea party with great composure.

  2. This is a sweet scene of a little girl serving tea to her besties. I liked the baby talk in there, too.