Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Beaters--NaPo Poem, April 6th

The Beaters

It only took a moment—most
things of this nature do.
I had moved aside to switch the laundry—
basket already-dried linens, fluff
the newly-laundered towels.

Only eight feet between us, four steps,
I left her leaning against the counter,
safe on the kitchen stool. Every precaution
had been taken, the mixer unplugged,
even put away, she had only
the beaters, a spatula, the bowl.

My intent was for her to taste the frosting,
lick a pink tongue over
the chromed whisks, retrieve
some sweet remnants. It’s a kind of unofficial ritual,
a rite of passage I had engaged in myself.

But the situation proved too tempting—
the bowl’s heaping measured proved far too great.
I turned to find her head inside it,
her shirt, face and hair a chocolaty mess. Neglected
beaters lay discarded, their meager offerings
still intact.


  1. Alex,
    Lovely greedy child :-)
    I was afraid something awful would happen. This one is fun!
    And it has fluff as a line ending! Intentional?
    Well, here is your fluff, greedy poet and Happy Easter!


  2. Thank you, Sorrella-- it's based in fact--messy, sticky fact. No 'fluffs' intended...hehe....

  3. I too like the foreboding set-up only to find a funny ending. Nicely paced and executed.

  4. Phew! Nice bait-and-switch. You totally got me. (Also, you have now made me want to stuff my face with frosting.)