Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Lightning

My mother believed summer lightning always helped her gardens grow.  It's the electricity in the air as much as the rain, she'd say.  My guess is, she was right.  We've had a 'passel' of summer storms this month-- over a foot of rain fell on Shelby County, all accompanied by incredible thunder and lightning displays. 

Windows rattled, downspouts gushed and more than a few small limbs hit the roof....  Tobey has established a permanent address under our bed....

and my sweetcorn stands a towering 7 feet, full of tassels.  The tomatoes and squash are doing much the same, not as tall, of course, but full of young fruit and blooms.

Unfortunately, my peas have drowned out.  The beans aren't fairing much better but may yet rally.  Both are planted in a low 'dip' and had to endure some standing water.  I've heard several farmers had to re-plant, a few planted three or more times, so I thought 'what the hay' and just re-planted myself. 

This has definitely been unusual  weather for June-- high temps during the day, thunder storms at night,
and once again, I've learned not to count my chickens.  All those garden-fresh peas and beans I had hoped to put up for winter may come from our farmer's market after all. 

This morning, Tobey crept from under the bed.  It's in the mid-70's, the sky is clear and blue and I've discovered weeds favor lightning as well.   


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