Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Lovely, Albiet Unwelcomed Visitor

Well, it's late June and they have arrived, those iridescent copper-over-emerald cloisonne pests are visiting the gardens in droves!

It seems their culinary tastes have taken a more cosmopolitian turn over the past year.  They have developed a very keen liking to my Genovese Basil--  completely ignoring the Lemon, Cinnamon & Red Ruben varieties.  They've chewed through enough of one plant to make themselves a sizable amount of pesto....the buggers!!

Not only is my basil one of their culinary delights, but one of my crabapple trees seems to have been touted as the perfect light dessert on these hot summer days!  The poor thing is half skeletonized! 

Last week, CBS Sunday Morning profiled an artist whose medium of choice was insects, and most especially colorful beetles.  His creations were very exotic and absolutely gorgeous!  He made the comment he thought his studio might look like "God's Living Room" with elements from all creation skillfully arranged, mounted and displayed under glass.  It was facinating! 

I wish I had his studio's contact information.  I'd make him a really sweet deal on some drop dead gorgeous little


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  1. I had wondered when they'd be back. I haven't seen any yet. They usually love my grapevine. I wish they had a natural predator. Besides you and me! lol